Client Testimonials


Shiatsu - JH, Manchester


Couldn’t believe the difference just one session made to my health. I had been suffering with chronic fatigue for some time and after my first session I had more energy than I had had in years. Lisa is really friendly and knows her stuff. She said I probably had a blockage on my liver which made sense with my other symptoms. I now can’t wait for my Shiatsu sessions as I have so much energy afterwards. Would definitely recommend.

Shiatsu - SW, Manchester


Have received a few treatments from Lisa, which have been both immensely relaxing and effective.  She provides a professional service in a friendly and enjoyable manner.  I would highly recommend her treatments.

Shiatsu - JB, Manchester


“Healing hands” this sums up Lisa’s treatment.

Lisa is very empathetic, and intuitive in her treatments.

You will always leave Lisa feeling calm and relaxed 

Crystal Therapy - AR, Manchester


I was a little unsure of what to expect as I have never had a crystal healing treatment before, but I absolutely loved the after effects. Once the treatment was over I have never experienced such an overwhelming feeling of clear-headedness and clear-mindedness. I really enjoyed all the different elements to this treatment and the different relaxation techniques incorporated within. I would 100% have this treatment again, thank you so much Lisa – very much looking forward to the next one!